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 The Clan Rules

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The Clan Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Clan Rules   The Clan Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 4:24 am

cheers THE 10 COMMADMENTS cheers

1.) No Racial Abuse E.g. pictures, jokes
2.) Encourge team mates no matter how bad they are playing
3.) This is a fun clan and if you want a serious clan look somewehre else
4.) Show supportmanship behaviour towards other calns and team mates
5.) When repersenting BoW (having it in your clan tag) i expect you not to provoake or backchat anyone
6.) If you came on this fourm just to argue then please go away
7.) No spamming
8.) Do not ask for personal information. if they wanted people to know they would post it. Do not make them give it to you
9.) Loyalty. It is important here if your a clan flicker we are not intrested
10.) Respect is vital here use it.

cheers JESUS LOVES YOU cheers
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The Clan Rules
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